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Raven Hoop Earrings - Bird Hoops Black Obsidian Picasso Jasper Iron Buffalo Crow Ravens - Sterling Silver 925 Jewelry

$ 160.00
These beauties are hand fabricated. Raven cut stones set in sterling silver. The stones are;

black obsidian (natural inclusions)
iron buffalo (orange matrix)
picasso jasper (black and gray matrix)

Ravens have a reputation for being viewed as scavengers or being viewed as a bad omen, but they are one of the smartest animals, right up there with dolphins and chimpanzees. They can solve complex puzzles, use tools, they have calls to communicate with other ravens and have been known to collect objects and use a barter system. Like crows, ravens are part of the corvid family. As a spirit animal the raven symbolizes rebirth, renewal, reflection, transformation and healing.

Handmade with love in Northern California.
Instagram: @AzeetaDesigns

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